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Dikke Maatjes XXL Meeting Party PDF Print E-mail




Something new for the Dikke Maatjes! Let's make this a success!

Spend the day in Amsterdam and stop by afterwards for a drink... Or stop by for a drink before your dinner in Amsterdam..

If there is interest we'd like to make this a monthly event...

Sunday, 4 October, 17:00 until…

Amstel Fifty Four
Amstel 54, Amsterdam

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Finally a BEAR PRIDE in Amsterdam, and Big & Bear Netherlands organized their bowling on Sunday.

We had less bowlers if that were expected but the men present had two hours of a great bowling adventure.  With a few drinks and a snack we knocked many pins over in a relaxed atmosphere. Nevertheless, there was 1 person who knocked more over than the others.  Edy you are the BEST! But all the other bowlers and spectators certainly enjoyed a fun event.  Worth repeating!

We want to thank everyone (organizers and visitors) for a memorable weekend and look forward to Bear Pride 2015.

Amsterdam BEARPRIDE Bowling! PDF Print E-mail




Finally we will celebrate Amsterdam BEARPRIDE.  During this weekend Dikke Maatjes will organise a fun afternoon of bowling.
On Sunday, March 23rd, Big & Bear Netherlands (Dikke Maatjes) once again organizes their famous bowling afternoon. The previous bowling afternoon in February was very pleasant and there were many men busy enjoying a sporting activity among friends. Not to win but for fun. And even if you do not want to bowl you are always welcome! Viewers also have fun! And with a drink and possibly a snack it is always fun bowling/watching.

Bowling is Sunday, March 23, arrive at 14:30 to go bowling from 15.00 to 16.00 (and possibly until 17.00 ) in Knijn Bowling, Scheldeplein (across from the RAI) in Amsterdam.

We will charge 10 euro for bowling and some drinks.  To reserve the lanes we ask that you e-mail us by Wednesday, March 19th , indicating if you will come to bowl or just to watch.   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it subject: bowling

After Bowling we are welcome in the WEB for a nice afterparty and we will have surprises for a few people (around 18.00 hours).

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, March 23rd!

Where the Bears are 2 PDF Print E-mail




After the success of the first "Where the Bears are" web series, there is now a sequel to see on YouTube!  This is partly funded by crowdfunding, where many people paid money to make the show.  Again the new series is based on a murder, now a daddy politician, during a pool party, with our four bear friends from Los Angeles back in action to find out who did it.  Of course, this 2nd series, just as the first, is "stuffed" with bears! Take a look at, for the trailer and episodes of "Where the Bears are 2".


Big Hugs,

Marco & Gerrit

Shalom! PDF Print E-mail




The best gay movies come from Israel.  In one of the latest editions of the German gay magazine "Men", there was a review of the movie "Yossi".  Immediately a light in my mind went on, as I remembered a movie "Yossi & Jagger" that came out in 2002.  "Yossi & Jagger" was about two Israeli officers who are in love with each other.  Unfortunately (as so often with gay art house films) the great love of Yossi died, and he was left alone.  I always have a huge problem with films that end like this, and I have no desire to see them again!  The movie "Yossi" takes place years later.  Yossi is no longer in the army, and now works as a surgeon in a hospital.  Suddenly he must treat the mother of his deceased beloved Jagger, of whom he is once again reminded.  This puts everything in motion.  Yossi leaves Tel Aviv for a holiday, and on the way he offers a couple of friendly hitchhiking soldiers a ride.  One is very fond of him, and then the story begins to get exciting.  I am giving nothing away, but keep the tissues ready!  A plus is that the actor Ohad Knoller is still a youngster in the movie "Yossi & Jagger" (2002), but in the movie "Yossi" (2012) has turned into a big, lovable teddy bear.  That makes it even more fun!  The movie "Yossi" is directed by Eytan Fox, who also made "Yossi & Jagger".

Big Hugs,

Marco & Gerrit

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